Visiting Abruzzo - G Hotel Pescara
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Let yourself be guided by G Hotel Pescara toward the wonderful itineraries of Abruzzo. From the long beaches on the coast, to the gentle hills of the hinterland, up to the most beautiful mountain massifs of Italy. Every type of sport is practicable in Abruzzo. From mountain biking to canoeing, from climbing to canyoning, windsurfing to skiing. Both in summer and winter, the generous nature of Abruzzo will always surprise you!

For those of you who love to travel freely, G Hotel Pescara offers the option of renting a car at affordable rates and it is pleased to guide you toward the many places to be discovered. Ask our staff for details.


The Majella National Park is part of the World Heritage Sites of the National Parks. Subdivided into four areas (Majella, Morrone, Porrara and Monti Pizzi), it is a National Park which, because of its geographical position, vastness and impressiveness, is certainly unique in its kind and contains the most valuable and rare part of the Biodiversity national heritage, of Europe and the world. Also, the presence of the Majella Adventure Park should be mentioned, since it is Italy’s largest adventure park located in Guardiagrele, in the Piana delle Mele; enjoyment is ensured with the possibility to measure yourselves against routes suspended among the trees, passing through Tibetan bridges and breathtaking Tyrolean tunnels.


The surroundings of Pescara offer breathtaking views and unforgettable excursions. Starting from the wonderful Orfento Valley: a complex of forests of more than two thousand hectares that is part of the territory in the north of Majella. Two other beautiful itineraries that can be walked are located at the Gole dell’Alento and the Serramonacesca retreat, always within the Majella territory.


In the province of Pescara there is the evocative natural reserve of the Orta River Valley, famous for its incredible landscape made of gorges and canyons where the typical white Majella stone has been shaped by the power of the river’s water, returning a breathtaking scenographic effect. The nature reserve is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and wild areas of Abruzzo and is a real paradise for lovers of hiking and trekking.


The Orfento Valley Nature Reserve, in the province of Pescara, is a protected natural area of incredible beauty. Over millions of years the water has carved a narrow gorge covered by dense vegetation, along which numerous paths wind. Particularly loved and popular is the path of Scalelle, equipped with a whole series of fences and wood bridges that allow you to walk along an unforgettable path immersed in its luxuriant nature.


The Stiffe Caves are a wellspring, that is, the point where a river returns to light after an underground tract, the only one active in Italy. They constitute today one of the main naturalistic sites in the Aquila area. The presence of the waterway, which in some periods of the year reaches a great water flow rate, is certainly the most important feature of the Caves, which are sometimes crossed by a small stream and in other cases by a river that flows towards the valley along rapids and waterfalls with a deafening roar.


Located in the territory of Calascio, within the Gran Sasso National Park, Rocca Calascio with its 1,460 meters of altitude is considered one of the highest fortresses in Italy. It is such a fascinating place it looks magical and leaves visitors literally in awe. It is not a coincidence that the fortress owes its fame, in addition to the enchanting context where it is located, also because it was chosen as a setting for numerous films including Lady Hawke (1985) and The Name of the Rose (1986), winner of many international awards.


The so-called “Costa dei Trabocchi”, which owes its name to the ancient fishing devices placed on stilts that characterize this area, is located in correspondence with the Adriatic coastal stretch of the Chieti province. Today, several trabocchi house restaurants where you can enjoy excellent freshly caught fish within a beautiful setting. The scenic and natural beauty of the coast is not only to be found in the trabocchi, but it can also be found in the wonderful untouched beaches and the picturesque nearby villages that deserve a visit.


Located in the heart of Abruzzo, a very short distance from the Majella National Park, Sulmona is famous around the world for its dragée production, a tradition that remained unchanged over the centuries. The Church of Santa Chiara is located near the Piazza di Sulmona (Sulmona square), where, according to legend, the Clarisse nuns created the art of preparing confetti. This was handed down to the present day and it is a pride for the city of Abruzzo which, perhaps not everyone knows, also gave birth to Ovidio the famous Latin poet.


Immersed in the Majella beautiful natural area and surrounded by its mountain massifs, the village of Fara San Martino is known as the “world capital of pasta” and it is not a coincidence that it houses important pasta factories. The secret of the success of Fara San Martino pasta must be found into the quality of the water of the Verde river flowing near the village, providing with its pure water the production activity. But the charm of Fara must not only to be found in the pasta: the mountains all around the village are a destination that cannot be missed by climbing enthusiasts and those who love long walks among high and majestic rock walls. You will be fascinated by the spectacle of the Gole di San Martino and the stunning ruins of the Monastery of San Martino in the Santo Spirito valley.


One of the most charming villages in Abruzzo is surely Roccamorice, located in the province of Pescara and immersed in the heart of the Majella and Morrone mountain community. The village, typically medieval, seems to be carved in the mountain itself and it is the ideal point of reference for visiting some of the most fascinating places in Abruzzo. In particular, the retreat of Santo Spirito at Majella with the characteristic temple embedded in the rock and the beautiful retreat of San Bartolomeo in Legio, with its narrow entrance that makes it unique and can be reached through an adventurous route running along the mountain side, must be mentioned. It is also a great location for sport climbing due to the nearby cliffs that offer many levels of difficulty and various types of climbing.


A lake immersed in untouched nature at the foot of a small and enchanting village full of alleys and artisan shops, in particular jeweler’s shops famous for the creation of Presentosa, a characteristic jewel of the area. Scanno is the ideal destination for those who love romantic places, it is not a coincidence the lake seems to have the shape of a heart.